[icq-devel] get contactlist via SNAC(13,04)

Stefan Uhrig stefanuhrig at gmx.net
Sat Nov 11 18:09:27 CET 2006

Hi Janosch,

> I don't have 1536 buddies in my contactlist! I have just _one_ buddy in
> my contactlist. And what's the matter of the SNAC-Flag (first byte)?

If the first bit of the snac flag is set there is additional data before the
actual packet data (see http://iserverd1.khstu.ru/oscar/basic.html#b0002).
The number of additional bytes (that you have to skip) is contained in the
word following the request id. That means you have to skip 6 bytes, namely
00 01 00 02 00 02. Afterwards your actual SSI list data starts.


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