[icq-devel] annoying snac problem

Roar jannikovacs at roar-software.net
Sat May 20 21:35:22 CEST 2006

Joachim Gehrung wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm writing my own ICQ messenger in Java and got a problem i don't know how 
> to figure out.
> Everything works great till "protocol negotiation". But after sending 
> snac(0x01, 0x17) server drops me without any reason. I checked the packet 
> several times (programm too), everything looks like in the other messengers 
> (ICQ, qip, Miranda).
> I searched the internet for a solution but found only marks that im not the 
> only one who got this problem.
> Somebody knows what could be the reason?
> Greetings,
> Cave

first: are you sure your packet is filled with the right contents? if yes:
are you sure server drops you because of snac 0x01, 0x17 ? or perhaps 
because something *after* 0x01, 0x17 is missing? as next step you have 
to read the 'version' snac (forget which number, didn't mentioned it in 
the code). then you have to continue with snac 0x01, 0x06 (send) and 
0x01, 0x07 (receive).
third: which type of disconnect do you get? on which channel? the error 
channel oder the disconnect channel? or a socket error?


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