[icq-devel] Can't get DCInfo from server

Svjatoslav Prokipets svjatpro at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 18:14:47 CET 2006

Hi all, my name is Svjatoslav Prokipets, i'm from Ukraine.
 i create C# ICQ client with VoIP ability for 2 weak and have some
little problems.

 i send to server SNAC(02,05) and receive SNAC(02,06) in response,
 but there is no DCInfo such as InternalIP & Port ( also ExternalIP in
UserInfo block )
 there is only protocol version, that i can normaly set and receive.

 i can't even get DCInfo about uin, which is online on other client,
but other icq client may see it's full DCInfo.

 another question: is this the only way to receive SNAC(02,06) sending
 How can i get SNAC(03,0b) and (03,0c) from server when buddies change
online status?

Svjatoslav Prokipets
ICQ UIN#285384265
mailto:svjatoslav.prokipets at tpway.com
mailto:svjatpro at gmail.com

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