[icq-devel] read away message

Anders Hasselqvist hassel at acc.umu.se
Thu Jul 28 10:43:37 CEST 2005

Josef Kucera wrote:
> Hi, the problem is in that "countdown" words in the packet - they need 
> to be the same as in received request - at least Miranda recognizes 
> response by that...
> Joe @ Whale

Thanks for the help Joe! I got it working now.

I probably hardcoded a few too many bytes but it works atleast. Now my 
friends will stop complaining :)

Now I just have to fix AdiumXs problem with status modes (Away on AdiumX 
is interpreted as N/A on Miranda). That will be next weeks assignment :)

Anders Hasselqvist
hassel <at> acc.umu.se

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