[icq-devel] drinking from the firehose

Jonathan Augenstine jonathan at stoneeyes.com
Fri Mar 26 23:14:12 CET 2004

I am new to ICQ and I have some questions.  I have been utilizing JOscarLib 
and looking at the documentation on http://www.rejetto.com/icq/ to begin 
learning about the protocol.  I have been able to successfully compile, 
login, and send/receive messages.  But there are a couple of items that I 
have been unable to determine.

1. Does the actual message transmit on a peer-to-peer basis, or does it go 
to server and then get transmitter from the server to the receiving client?
2. How is group chat handled?  Is this handled on the server or is the 
client responsible for multiple transmissions to multiple clients?
3. Is anyone familiar with the capabilities of JOscarLib and, if so, do you 
know if it has group chat capabilities?

Thank you.

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