[icq-devel] Online / Offline webaware

Christophe Minguet christophe.minguet at wanadoo.fr
Sun Jun 27 17:10:37 CEST 2004

I was testing my icq client to check if everything is still compatible with
icq V4 and then i tried the search by uin feature....
and i noticed that an uin using my client with activated "web aware" appears
as offline in the search result or on it's www.icq.com/<uin> page.
i checked the set status and "META_USER_FOUND" packet, all information is
correct ... but neither my icq client or icq V4 sees my uin online !
i finally decided to check with another uin .... this one works normal and
is displayed as "online" ni the search results .
did anyone of you ever had this problem and know how to correct it ?
it doesn't seems to come from my client, as even if my first buggy uin is
connecting with icq V4, i will see him as offline in search results.
i guess it maybe rather comes from something wrong in the contact list. i
have there 2 only people in the invisible list.
here is my group 0 content :
-Group : 0 
              ID       "nick"          "status"
    Contact : 1     -  Import Time  -  19
    Contact : 4780  -               -  4
    Contact : 27850 -  ICQTIC       -  9

Thanks for your help

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