[icq-devel] Happy Birthday !

Christophe Minguet christophe.minguet at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jun 10 22:08:58 CEST 2004

Hello ! 
I wanted to implement this tiny red balloon telling that one of my contacts
has birthday ...
I don't know why i never did it before ...
so it seemed to be "easy" : with user online notification, i would look to
status flag, and check if bit 0x0008 is on or not.
but ... then one question, how to know if an offline contact has birthday or
not ? only way is to ask for users' meta information ?
cause some times this information is not accessible ( data base not
i also noticed that ICQ 4 doesn't understand or send this "birthday" bit ...
and that it is not immediatly showing the red balloon in icq 4 after i
change my contact's birthdate and update ICQ4 contact's meta data ...
(and seems no data is exchanged with server when balloon appears ....)
do any of you know how exactly icq 4 retrieves this information ? 

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