[icq-devel] AOL tries to shut down free mobile ICQ clone

Manuel Linsmayer manuel.linsmayer at expersite.com
Fri Jan 30 13:58:57 CET 2004


the Mobicq project, creator of a free J2ME ICQ client, has come under
attack by AOL, owner of ICQ Inc.

Appeared by Arent Fox PLLC, they requested us to cease all use of
domain names that contain marks registered by AOL. We offered them to
rename the Mobicq software, requested the permission to provide a
link from our old domain mobicq.org to our new domain for some time,
and assured to transfer all Mobicq domains to AOL afterwards.

AOL has not accepted this settlement. In addition, they now also
request us to stop distribution or use of any cloned ICQ software or
services. In short, AOL tries to shut down the Mobicq project.

Mobicq competes with AOL's commercial J2ME ICQ client, which is
currently only available to O2 customers in the United Kingdom and
Germany. Other customers must wait for their carriers to license
AOL's commercial J2ME ICQ client, or take a look at Mobicq. This
is understandably bothersome for AOL.

Regardless of AOL's disfavor of our settlement offer, Mobicq will be
renamed 'Jimm', and all Mobicq domains will be transferred to AOL
within the next few weeks.

About Mobicq

Mobicq is an ICQ clone for mobile devices, such as cellular phones.
It is written using Java 2 Micro Edition (MIDP) and runs on mobiles
from Siemens, Motorola, Nokia, and others. Mobicq is not affiliated
with or endorsed by ICQ Inc.

The first Mobicq release was issued on 28th of April, 2003. Until
now, about 160,000 page visits and 37,000 downloads were counted.
Mobicq is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public

Additional information can be obtained by visiting our website at


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