[icq-devel] Auth grant problem

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at gmx.de
Fri Jan 23 07:25:17 CET 2004

>>>So my problem is that I don't know how I get informations about if
>>>I was already authorized.
> If you are using SSI for storing your contacts list on the server,
> then when
> the second computer adds the new contact to the list, the first computer
> should be able to simply download the updated list the next time it
> logs in.
Yes, this is what I wanted to know :)

btw: When I request the auth  a second time, the server sends the request to
the UIN. But when this UIN accepts the request, the server doesn't deliver
this to me (because the server knows that I'm already authorized as I know
now) - I wondered why the second auth grant didn't came through and thought
maybe of a protocol problem with the program.

Thx for your fast answer

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