[icq-devel] Timestamps in db

Göran Roseen goran at roseen.se
Tue Jan 13 10:29:12 CET 2004

Hi all!

I know we mostly discuss the protocol here, but since the list has been so 
silent lately, I dare ask a question regarding the database files.

I have written an app that gathers old messages from saved db files. I 
don't know if my copy of the specs was the most recent available, but 
anyway I had no problem getting the parsing and extraction to work.

As everyone knows, for each message there is a timestamp. This timestamp is 
the GMT time (and date) of the event, which is nice because if sender and 
receiver are in different timezones, the GMT time will be the same for 
both. And I can see in my contacts which timezone someone belongs to.

My problem was this; I can only see general timezones, not the actual 
difference between local time and GMT. And Daylight Savings Time can make 
this difference change.
Sure, I can have a list of all dates in the past when we have changed 
between winter and summer time, and manually adjust the dates, but that is 
an ugly solution.
Also, if I don´t keep a record of every contrys history of DST changes, I 
can never see what the local time was for a person when that person sent me 
a message.

Does I overlook something here? Is there something in the DB that I don't 
know of?

Göran Roseen

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