[icq-devel] AIM-ICQ Compatibility ?

François-Marie Grattepain starman2 at mac.com
Tue Jan 13 08:16:59 CET 2004

Hello !

I did it, finaly. It's not perfect, but it works thanks to this site: 

Well, now my problem is to get the status of my contacts. I though it 
would be the same way as with icq contacts, but the packet I receive is 
not complete:

[Incoming -> 2]
Size: 0xA9 Data: 0x0003000B 00009914 525B1073 7461726D 616E3240 
6D61632E 636F6D00 00000500 01000200 10000D00 50094601 054C7F11 D1822244 
45455354 00748F24 20628711 D1822244 45535400 00094613 434C7F11 D1822244 
45535400 00094613 454C7F11 D1822244 45535400 00094613 464C7F11 D1822244 
45535400 00000F00 04000006 33001D00 1C000101 102090E3 34010695 7A898FD9 
C663CD78 4B000204 04000000 00000300 04400390 D3

It's the snac(3,B). In icq, I should receive a TLV(6) with the status 
of my contact. But here, I just get the following TLV: TLV(1), TLV(D), 
TLV(F), TLV(1D), TLV(3).

And this TLV(1D) is not documented :-/
I currently use it to recognize my AIM buddy, but it does not help me 
to get the state of the contact.

Any Idea ?


Le 9 janv. 04, à 10:19, Francois-Marie Grattepain a écrit :

> Hello !
> Did someone already try to make his client AIM-compatible. I have been 
> looking at the capabilities, in order to set the correct one (which 
> seems to be 0946134D-4C7F-11D1-8222-444553540000), but it is not 
> enough (ie I don't appear to be online in my AIM list and I don't see 
> AIM users' status).
> Do you know what else need to be done ?
> Thx
> Regards,
> Starman
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