[icq-devel] Problem with #IDs?

Andreas Rossbacher andreas.rossbacher at udo.edu
Sun Dec 5 01:00:33 CET 2004

I have the following problem. If I send a 0x0013/0x0008 to server.
I sometimes get an 0x0013/0x000e back with a 0x000A error code.
I belive the packet is right, it does not matter if I try to add
a contact or a group.
If I retry with the same data (only the randomly generated id changes
(but this is checked against all other elemente in the list to be
unique) it will work sooner or later.
I really do not know what I could be doing wrong. Is there a special
convention for the id?

Would be nice if anyone has any idea. Thx!
bye Andreas (Jimm development team)

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