[icq-devel] Rüdiger ICQ V8 protocol database

Rüdiger Kuhlmann icq-list-oWUpAQCWC2r4 at ruediger-kuhlmann.de
Tue Oct 14 22:55:00 CEST 2003

>--[Christophe Minguet (freesurf)]--<c.minguet at freesurf.fr>

> and my IE crashed ...

Too bad.

> after downloading & looking inside one page, i noticed this ...
> <!-- ... some comment ... -->

Well, that's too bad if a comment causes your IE to crash, as it's supposed
to ignore it according to W3C HTML specs.

> it's not very fair ... 

Bla bla bla. We've had this often enough that the page prominently displays:

| <h2>Note to IE users</h2>
| This page is valid HTML 4.01 strict and valid CSS 2. If you experience
| display problems, choose a better browser for this page. Please refrain from
| reporting bugs in your browser to me; I can't fix them. Only the vendor can,
| so report it there. Do not bother anyone else with it.

So go ahead report those to M$ -- they will probably release an updated,
fixed version within hours -- and stop bothering me or the list. Thank you.

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