[icq-devel] Rüdiger ICQ V8 protocol database

Jens Olsson jeod02 at student.bth.se
Tue Oct 14 22:51:21 CEST 2003

It works fine in my IE6. I also doubt that that code would crash IE, but 
I'm not sure...


At 22:39 2003-10-14, you wrote:
>Hi guys ! i was wondering if some of u (using internet explorer) recently
>tried to open Rüdigers site ....
>i was needing some information and .... hooo great ! when i was trying to
>open one packer description ... my hard drive runned and my IE crashed ...
>after downloading & looking inside one page, i noticed this ...
><!--[if IE]><input type crash><![endif]-->
>removing it make pages readable by IE ...
>please Rüdiger... would be kinda nice from you if u could remove this ....
>it's not very fair ...
>bye everybody,
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