[icq-devel] Looking for a 'complete' list of Capabilities for AIM/ICQ

Mike Miller Mike.Miller at timera.com
Fri Oct 10 21:57:40 CEST 2003

I am looking for a complete/thorough list of capabilites for the Oscar
protocol for both ICQ and AIM.   I have looked thru several existing
implementations (Joscar, JOscarLib, haven't pull GAIM yet) as well as
several online documentation sites  (my primary source being
http://iserverd.khstu.ru/oscar/ ) and  none seem to have a complete set.
The Joscar and JOscarLib each have different capabilities defined and
they don't match.

In addition, can anyone tell me where to find documentation on how to
parse a ICBM channel 2 message?  I found some code in the JoscarLib
source that does it but there's a fair amount of skipping over groups of
bytes to get to certain fields.

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