[icq-devel] Not receiving Authorization Accepted (type 0x0008) messages anymore

icq-devel%blipp.com at mitzpettel.com icq-devel%blipp.com at mitzpettel.com
Tue Nov 25 21:02:20 CET 2003


I've recently noticed that I no longer receive a type 0x0008 message (authorization request accepted) when the other user authorizes my request (either by sending me a type 0x0008 through the server or a SNAC(19,26) if that client uses server-based lists). In fact, I receive absolutely no indication that my request was authorized. My client itself is not using server-side contact lists. Has something changed on the server? Have you noticed similar behavior with your clients?

Thanks in advance,
-- Mitz Pettel

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