[icq-devel] New ICQ Chat Player Released

Remy Lebeau icq_devel at lebeausoftware.org
Mon Nov 17 22:30:06 CET 2003

If anyone is interested, I have released new versions of both my ICQ Chat
Player and my ICQ Chat File Specification.  The Player has been updated to
support exporting chats to text files, a feature that has been requested by
many for a long time, so I finally got it in there.  Right now, only plain
text is supported, but eventually I would like to support exporting to RTF
and HTML as well.  The spec has been updated with additional notes to help
better support older ICQ Chat versions.

Both updates are available at my website, http://www.lebeausoftware.org (or
directly at http://icqchat.lebeausoftware.org).


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