[icq-devel] Not receiving Mini Typing Notifications

Mike Miller Mike.Miller at timera.com
Wed Nov 12 19:59:29 CET 2003

I posted a question about how to receive these notifications a couple of
months ago and got 1 reply, from Dave Walluck, which I validated that I
am doing what he suggested.   I can send typing notifications but to
other clients, but my client does not receive any.

My current sequence of commands is as follows:
- logon steps include:  
- send snac (04/04) requesting ICBM parms
- receive snac (04/05) with the server's version 
- send snac (04/02) with the flags set to 0x0000000b
- send snac (01/1e) setting client status
- send client ready

This all works but if I send snac (04/04) again, the (04/05) response
still has ox00000003 value, not the 0x0000000b that I sent during login.
Does anyone know if the ability to receive mini typing notifications
requires specific capabilities?
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