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Willem Kokke wkokke at gmx.net
Tue May 27 20:03:26 CEST 2003

If I'd even be remotely interested in what is valid whitespace in CSS and
what is not, I would read the CSS specs a w3c.org, thank you very much!!

Please move this conversation off list finally, it is getting tiresome.


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> --- Rüdiger Kuhlmann
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> > Y'know, you may be right. However, the CSS
> > files I use don't have a \r, but a \n in them
> Wrong.  I downloaded your CSS files as-is directly
> from your site unmodified, and they did indeed use CR
> for their line breaks, not LF.
> > and what you're saying is that all CSS files with
> > Windows CR/LF pairs is invalid because or the CR.
> I am merely saying that CR is not a valid character
> according to the CSS specs.  How Windows-based
> browsers decide to deal with CRLF, since CRLF is the
> standard line-break sequence under Windows, is up to
> the individual browser to decide.
> > I don't know how you come to the conclusion that
> > there would be CR/LF pairs in my file, because
> > there aren't.
> I never said there was.  Your files are using CR only.
>  It was earlier suggested that using IE to save the
> files to local disk would cause the CR to be
> automatically replaced with CRLF instead in the local
> file.  Which they were, and thus everything started
> working correctly when viewed locally.
> You really should consider going back to your original
> files and changing them to use LF instead of CR in
> order to be compliant with the CSS specs, which I get
> the feeling you are trying to be big on doing.
> Gambit
> P.S. I can no longer acces your site at the moment in
> general, it is returning a "Database Error" message on "connect".
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