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Rüdiger Kuhlmann icq-list-oWUpAQCWC2r4 at ruediger-kuhlmann.de
Mon May 26 18:43:39 CEST 2003

>--[R?my Lebeau]--<gambit47 at yahoo.com>
> --- Alex Demchenko <alex at ritlabs.com> wrote:
> > Save page to disk and load it from there.
> > It will display colors correct as it fixes
> > CSS CRLF error while saving file to disk.
> Yes, it does.

Y'know, you claim to be a webmaster for 5 years, but can't figure out why it
doesn't work. First someone claims that it's because the colors where given
as triplets instead of sextets, even though even IE obviously understands
them (or all other colors woulld be wrong too), even though I proved it to
be wrong. Then, someone claims it's because of line endings. Of course
there's only a CR at the end of the line, because that's how its supposed to
be. No ^M at the end of each line. But CSS is white-space agnostic, so if IE
would choke on that, it would be even more embarrasing. Even if I'd add a ^M
to each line, IE would still break. Btw I'll take bets if you don't believe

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