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Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Fri May 23 14:51:58 CEST 2003


On Friday May 23 2003 12:03, Rüdiger Kuhlmann wrote:
> If you check the CSS with any CSS validator of your choice you'd see that
> the background is set to white, and nothing but white. No default colors or
> any such nonsense.

your problem is that you're using 3 digit colorcodes and not 6 digit 
colorcodes. Internet Exploder on Winblows has problems with that.
Just make sure your colors are always in the form #000000 and even that stupid 
IE will display it properly :)

I don't think you should insist of it being valid CSS, you know, the world 
sucks and browsers suck even more ;)

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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