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Fri May 23 12:15:46 CEST 2003

>--[Alexandr V. Shutko]--<AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru>
> Friday, May 23, 2003, 1:06:04 PM, you wrote:

> RK> Don't you feel emberassed having not only a broken browser, but also
> RK> a broken mail program?
> Well, so what ?

Cool, so you're even proud of it?

> I have the most popular browser (explorer)

The most broken one, yes. And? That doesn't make it correct.

> and most popular mail client (the bat)

LOL. Nice try.

> and only you call them "broken".

I call them broken because I showed you where they are. Just because most
people are like you and don't realize that.

> There are thousands of websites that work correctly in
> explorer/netscape/mozilla/etc...

Yes, and? That doesn't change the fact that Exploder explodes on this one.

> And their webmasters don't cry about browsers brokeness...

I don't cry about broken browsers. I complain about people who cry about
their broken browsers and blaming it on my page even after they've been
proved to be wrong.

> Well, this is your opinion. I also can say that my documentation more detailed
> and contain more info (aim snacs, md5 login, family 0x15, family 0x13,
> rate limits info, login sequence, family 0x17).

My database is an ICQ database. I'm currently not concerned with AIM and AIM
related stuff. It's not that my database doesn't caontain most of the
families mentioned.

> RK> black on white (don't blame _me_ for _your_ broken browser if you can't even
> RK> figure out _why_ it displays it wrong)
> Could you explain why google website shows correct in my broken browser ?

What has the fact that Exploder doesn't explode on google to do with the
fact that it explodes on this page?

> As I understand from your letters you just trying to be the main icq
> protocol documentation developer and don't like the others :)) egoism
> again ?

Neither again nor at all. I'm merely annoyed.

> >> kingant.net - doens't full, not structured;
> RK> I haven't heard of that, but it's rather incomplete
> It's a pity, but if you want to have good documentation you should
> gather all available information. Don't be lazy...

Y'know, that's why I'm annoyed.

> >> www.tts.lt is not structured.
> RK> Russian only...
> No. It just a clone of dead Douglas McLaughlin specification:
> http://www.tts.lt/doc/micq/html/

It's actually an incomplete pirate copy of mine.

> >> I decide it is better to gather all data and write my own spec FOR MYSELF.
> >> Sorry if you doesn't like this idea.
> RK> I don't like the idea for having thousands of those if one could contain
> RK> all. It's not like you couldn't squeeze the info you wanted to have in it
> RK> if you wanted to.
> Do you work in microsoft company ? They doesn't like many software
> companies too... :) This problem have name: "monopoly". But if you
> don't - there is else "competition" term...

Look, there's something called "duplicate efford". I'm not selling a

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