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Alexandr V. Shutko AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru
Fri May 23 05:22:54 CEST 2003

Hello Rudiger,
Friday, May 23, 2003, 1:06:04 PM, you wrote:

>> RK> Btw if you want to credit me, at least get my name right.
>> Man, sorry, but I'm russian and I receive letters from you with name
>> "Rudiger" or with russian "soft sign" symbol. (look at picture:
>> http://iserverd.khstu.ru/picture/name.gif). So I'm still doesn't know
>> your name right spelling...

RK> Don't you feel emberassed having not only a broken browser, but also
RK> a broken mail program?
Well, so what ? I have the most popular browser (explorer) and most popular mail
client (the bat) and only you call them "broken". There are thousands
of websites that work correctly in explorer/netscape/mozilla/etc...
And their webmasters don't cry about browsers brokeness...

RK> Since you don't manage checking some HTML sources, or reading the mail with
RK> a working email program, or reading the web page with a working browser,
RK> here's the HTML: Rüdiger Kuhlmann. Can't be that hard, can it?
Fixed. Thanks.

>> Yours - not full/not structured,
RK> It's not less structured than yours. You just have to actually _use_ it's
RK> structure.
Well, this is your opinion. I also can say that my documentation more detailed
and contain more info (aim snacs, md5 login, family 0x15, family 0x13,
rate limits info, login sequence, family 0x17). Some months ago I
tried to post new info to this mail list... And with your help I
understand that this list doensn't need my info.

>> has terrible colors

RK> black on white (don't blame _me_ for _your_ broken browser if you can't even
RK> figure out _why_ it displays it wrong)
Could you explain why google website shows correct in my broken browser ?

>> and contain data only usefull to make client, not server;

RK> Meybe true, though I don't know what you'd need to have more that you couldn't
RK> add to the respective packets and/or additional tutorials.

Sorry, I do not want to force myself to use "correct" browser to work
with your database. And it seems there is only one man who populate
your database - you. As I understand from your letters you just trying
to be the main icq protocol documentation developer and don't like the
others :)) egoism again ?

>> kingant.net - doens't full, not structured;
RK> I haven't heard of that, but it's rather incomplete
It's a pity, but if you want to have good documentation you should
gather all available information. Don't be lazy...

>> www.tts.lt is not structured.
RK> Russian only...
No. It just a clone of dead Douglas McLaughlin specification:

But you are right. There is also russian resource:

>> I decide it is better to gather all data and write my own spec FOR MYSELF.
>> Sorry if you doesn't like this idea.
RK> I don't like the idea for having thousands of those if one could contain
RK> all. It's not like you couldn't squeeze the info you wanted to have in it
RK> if you wanted to.
Do you work in microsoft company ? They doesn't like many software
companies too... :) This problem have name: "monopoly". But if you
don't - there is else "competition" term...

With respect,
Alexandr V. Shutko                           mailto:AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru

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