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Alexandr V. Shutko AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru
Fri May 23 03:56:46 CEST 2003

RK>> Btw if you want to credit me, at least get my name right.
AVS> Man, sorry, but I'm russian and I receive letters from you with name
AVS> "Rudiger" or with russian "soft sign" symbol. (look at picture:
AVS> http://iserverd.khstu.ru/picture/name.gif). So I'm still doesn't know
AVS> your name right spelling...

One more thing... You made website using styles for non-explorer
browsers (83% of people using explorer! - this is my website stats
calculated by webtrends), You are using non-asc symbols in yours
letters, because you ignore another languages. You are completelly
ignore another people opinion. Smells slightly egoism...
Isn't it ?

With respect,
Alexandr V. Shutko                           mailto:AVShutko at mail.khstu.ru

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