[icq-devel] v9 -> ICQ Lite

rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Mon Mar 31 23:01:07 CEST 2003

Howdy programmers,

I've been giving some small time to ICQ lite. As most of you probably know its the new v9 client
from mirabilis, and lacks of a huge amount of features you can find in ICQ pro 2003A (also 
downloadable from mirabilis).

ICQ Lite doesn't publish any DC information in their status change, their IP address as well as
the DC port are zeroed.

When doing a file transfer over ICQ lite, the client will send a Type2 message with a MSG_GREET
in it. The type2 message as its already described by the database, has 3 extra TLV's.

TLV(3) with the file DC port.
TLV(5) with the ip address.
TLV(4) with something else.

- the COMMAND in a PEER_MSG (0x07d0,0x07da,0x07ee) equals the ACKTYPE in a Type2

Has anyone done any further tests? Is a NEGOTIATION possible with a v9 client?
Im really tired and I have to get back to bed right now 

I remember reading about server-based file transfer packets a long ago in this list, and I remember
sniffing sometime a client sending serverside file transfer requests (maybe when a proxy was

bah ill let you know if i find out something more interesting.

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