[icq-devel] direct connection protocol

christophe minguet (freesurf) c.minguet at freesurf.fr
Sun Mar 30 22:24:10 CEST 2003

Hello Everybody !

I'm trying to implement V8 direct connection for file transfer for my
icq client... there are not many docs . i've got the one from Rüdiger,
and the one from mICQ.

My problem is about the 2 first bytes of every packets ... According to
mICQ's doc and packets i recieve from icq there is what i would call a
familly number on 2 first bytes. These 2 bytes are not described in
Rüdiger's docs ...

So... I tried to use the ones ICQ is using (from dumps i made). But...
In V8, after :
- PEER_INIT     (30 00 , ff)      (familly is 0x0030, command is 0xFF)
- PEER_INIT_ACK (04 00 , 01)
- PEER_INIT_2   (21 00 , 03)

I recieve a PEER_MSG_GREET . 
In mICQ doc's it should ne (6b 00 , 02)
But i recieve (77 00 , 02) or (78 00 , 02) or even other familly number
(i don't remind them ...)

I know those packets are encrypted, but ... The understood 3 first bytes
are not encrypted.

I must have missed something, does anyone know why i don't have always
the same number there ? 
Is there another place with a more detailed description of this p2p
protocol ? 

Thanks much for your help !
Good night/day to you all  


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