[icq-devel] Direct connection

rad2k rad2k at mail.ru
Tue Mar 18 01:07:11 CET 2003

i wonder if miranda has its own mailing list.

btw, from my experience i recommend Ruediger's website for development.
I did meet some diferences in the process of writing file transfers though
which when i recall I will submit fixes for.

Are nowadays all usable clients up to date? (8 version of the p2p protocol).
I've seen mICQ and Trillian supporting it.

And, to add something else..i've been doing some sniffin sniffin' on icq pro 2003A
while trying to figure out what icqmail.com was all about.

Seems the client is generating a 4 bytes hash (which is able to generate offline, without
information retrieved from the server, and changes everytime the account is reloaded)
that uses as a replacement for its pop3 client in mirabilis servers (icqmail.com) and is sent
in its peer 2 peer information as its cookie. Remember the documentation said the cookie
was sent Zeroed by the client and filled in by the server? Well they send it in the cookie.

I got shocked as soon as I found this out thinking yeee how dumb are they im getting
all of their icq mail passwords, but no, the server replaces it with the well known random
cookie for p2p.

Im also thinking this might be a solution for not sending the password in plain of the user
(in case this 4 bytes bruteforceable thing will replace or is already replacing sent icq passwords)

I need to do some further research, but just thought id let you all know these new 2003 things
are bringing some new features with them.

I've heard a new version of the proto (maybe 9?) supports the warning about
'the user is typing a message' , is this true?

Thank you all,
yours sincerelly

rad2k at mail dot ru

On Mon, 17 Mar 2003 22:15:40 +0100
Jens Olsson <jeod02 at student.bth.se> wrote:

> A> Actually, I was afraid that was the case...
> > > And there is probably no easy way for me to extract it from miranda... 
> > like
> > > a plugin showing the cookie or something?:)
> >
> >Why would you want to extract it from Miranda? If the purpose was to
> >workaround a bug, I would suggest that you submit a patch to fix the
> >problem in Miranda instead.
> Actually, I have filed a bug report, but I don't know Miranda well-enough 
> to write it myself.
> >However, the cookie is stored in the
> >database with the key "ICQ/DirectCookie" for each user.
> Ok, I'll check that out... maybe... I'll have to fogure out the databes 
> format too:)
> //Jens
> >/Martin
> >
> >
> >
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