[icq-devel] Direct connection

Jens Olsson jeod02 at student.bth.se
Mon Mar 17 22:15:40 CET 2003

A> Actually, I was afraid that was the case...
> > And there is probably no easy way for me to extract it from miranda... 
> like
> > a plugin showing the cookie or something?:)
>Why would you want to extract it from Miranda? If the purpose was to
>workaround a bug, I would suggest that you submit a patch to fix the
>problem in Miranda instead.

Actually, I have filed a bug report, but I don't know Miranda well-enough 
to write it myself.

>However, the cookie is stored in the
>database with the key "ICQ/DirectCookie" for each user.

Ok, I'll check that out... maybe... I'll have to fogure out the databes 
format too:)


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