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Mon Mar 17 21:50:47 CET 2003

>--[ggr]--<ggr at bak.rr.com>
> 3/17/2003 5:42:01 AM, Jens Olsson <jeod02 at student.bth.se> wrote:

> >Have some questions about the direct connection set up between icq clients.
> >Would it be possible to retrieve a user's away message using the direct 
> >connection port, if you know the port?
> >If so which packet(s) should I look at? Is it a complicated process?
> I do not think it is supported in the p2p. I have not seen any.

Of course you can request away messages via direct connections.
Just have a look at the usual documentation at

Please note, however, that to set up a direct connection you need not only
know the correct IP and port, but also a direct connection cookie from the
server, or the other side will disconnect you. You get this cookie only if
you have each other on the contact list.

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