[icq-devel] Great. I always thought it would be MD5. I wrote an implementation of RecoverPwd.exe in MASM, Borland C++ builder and Microsoft Visual Studio

Igor Franchuk sprog at online.ru
Mon Jun 23 11:52:10 CEST 2003

Hello Alex,

Sunday, June 22, 2003, 9:32:48 AM, you wrote:

AD>   2003a password recovery tool: http://www.cobans.net/files/download.php?a=recover

      Great job.
      Don't pay any attention on people who dislikes MASM32. MASM32
      opens new solutions to the most dare tasks. And in certain cases
      it saves a lot our time.

      One hour ago I've downloaded your MASM project and I've decided to
      implement the library writing the clone of your RecoverPwd.exe
      in MASM32, Borland C++ Builder and Microsoft Visual Studio.

      So if anyone needs sources of RecoverPwd.exe in the languages
      mentioned above - let me know - I'll post them here.

PS Alex, I'm not sure that you're right in describing lpRootPathName
for GetVolumeInformation call in RecoverPwd.exe. I think it should be
extracted from
since it is not always that the ICQ is installed on disk C and that
the system has only one physical drive. And the simple GetWindowsDirectory
is only right for certain cases.
May be I'm wrong since I didn't have much time to look into
RecoverPwd.exe and I it wasn't interesting either.

Golden Telecom Software Department
Best regards,
 Igor                            mailto:sprog at online.ru

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