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Gerke Preussner j3rky at tactical-ops.de
Tue Jun 17 14:51:33 CEST 2003

Hi Alex,

the general answer in such cases is DLL Interception. Assuming you have
knowledge of the structure of exported DLL functions (parameter list and
return value), you can create a fake DLL that will pass through all API
calls to the original DLL and extract/insert information where

The approach is fairly simple:

(1) rename the original DLL to something else
(2) create a fake DLL with a compatible exported function list
    and the name of the original DLL
(3) bind the original DLL within your fake DLL

For simple function parameters (integers, strings etc), the function
parameter list can often be reverse engineered by disassembling the DLL
and/or the host application. For more complex parameters, such as
objects, the whole thing can be difficult and requires knowledge about
the used compiler.



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Hi All!

I'm writing utility that will be secure all messages so i need to hook
ICQ Api calls. Can anybody tell me how can i do it?

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