[icq-devel] P2P and chat

christophe.minguet (freesurf) c.minguet at freesurf.fr
Tue Jul 29 09:14:29 CEST 2003

Hi everybody !
i just added P2P file tranfer support to my icq client ....
but ... a little something is boring me ....  
when icq2003a (it's not the same with icq lite) send a first message, it
also try to open a P2P connection with the contact client.
and if this connection was successfull, further messages will be sent on
this P2P connection ....
as i wanted to keep only the "normal" server chat, i would like to
disable  this feature .... 
so that icq2003 will use P2P ONLY for file transfer and not for sending
messages ... 
is there a way to do this ? (i guess there isn't :( )
if not, i'll code this P2P chat but i would be happy not to have to do
it :op
everybody, have a good day !
and thanks for ur help

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