[icq-devel] Self added contacts !!!

christophe.minguet (freesurf) c.minguet at freesurf.fr
Thu Jul 17 23:28:45 CEST 2003

Hi everybody ... I write u cause of strange things happening with ICQ.
i am using ICQ2003a client 

... this happened maybe 3 or 4 times ...

here is the scenario : 

usually i'm not in front of my computer ....

1 - i recieve a message "hello"
2 - i recieve a second message asking me to visit a "wonderfull" website
that according to the contact is very nice ...
3 - i recieve a "please authorise me to add you to my contact list" 

so i close the chat window with messages and the autorisation request
window . and ...
the contact was added to my own contact list !!!!!!

how is this possible ? i promiss i haven't smoked anything and it really
happened to me more than once since maybe 1 month ago.

did one of u already encountered such a case ? 

hum i now wonder if maybe there is an hidden link in some pages such as
(it can be found on www.icq.com/<yourUIN>)

So the contact would be added while i am surfing on the net... And some
time later i would recieve messages from a bot who noticed he was added
to my contact list ....

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