[icq-devel] How to move contact between groups in roster?

Bartosz Fabianowski bartosz at fabianowski.de
Tue Jul 15 17:49:33 CEST 2003


I am trying to get Kopete CVS to allow me to move a contact form one 
group to another on the server side contact list (the roster). Quite 
obviously, SNAC(0x13, 0x09) must be used. But I am having trouble 
finding out exactly how to use it.

Kopete seems to try to update the contact's group ID using this SNAC and 
this fails. Since the ICQ protocol in Kopete CVS originates from the AIM 
protocol, this might be the AIM way of doing things, but not quite the 
ICQ way. What I understand from reading some protocol descriptions on 
the web is that instead, this SNAC should be used to update the groups 
the contact is moving from and to. So, the contact itself is not 
modified, but instead, its ID is removed from the list of contacts 
inside one group and added to the list of contacts in another.

Now, I haven't coded this up to see if it works yet, but maybe somebody 
has experience with this and can tell me if I am right or wrong? Which 
SNAC and which data do you use to move a contact between two groups in 
the roster?

- Bartosz

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