[icq-devel] Hello World :))

David Walluck david at anti-microsoft.org
Sat Jul 12 06:00:48 CEST 2003

On Sat, 12 Jul 2003, Fabrice Michellonet wrote:

> Be sure i don't want to start a flamme war.....

Neither do I. I didn't mean anything against you when I said my code was
more complete. I think that is just a fact if anyone looks at my code. I
won't even claim that mine is the most complete of any client, because I
have no idea of that.

> but it seems that you don't want to duplicate effort and if you were aware
> of my lib,
> why didn't you ask me to join the project ?

I have actually started this lib about a year ago, and at this time, I
could not find any existing Java clients out there. Since then, I have
become aware of yours, and at least one other (which is under a BSD-style
license, while mine is GPL).

> Personnaly, i've discovered your project tonight, i had a littke look at
> your code, and it seems to be quite clear...

Well, thanks. I am in the middle of an overhaul of the parsing
code for Channel2 (Rendezvous) messages, and I hope to improve the
handling of Channel1 (AOL) and Channel4 (ICQ) messages in the future.

As I also mentioned, P2P is up for grabs. Several clients may implement
the same interface (Java interface). This would allow them to share code,
even if the udnerlying structure is different.

> Anyway, as i had already said to Christophe, we sould have worked together
> to perform a better work...

Well, there are a couple options. If you do not wish to share code, we
could also work on design, and I have seen an OSCAR specification on the
web. I wouldn't mind updating this with more information on Channel2 and
Channel4 messages for other client authors.


David Walluck
<david at anti-microsoft.org>

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