[icq-devel] Hello World :))

christophe.minguet (freesurf) c.minguet at freesurf.fr
Fri Jul 11 23:05:14 CEST 2003

Well i wanted to have a real "nomad" application = no need to install
anything on computer to use it ...
You just need a web browser ... In fact it will (currently) only work
with a internet explorer 5.5 or more ... 
Sorry for anti microsoft people :)) I hope to be compatible with much
more browsers in future ... 

Yes u are right my client isn't open source .. Maybe in future when i
will have cleaned everything ... 
I can't tell yet ...

I wanted my client to have most features of the real ICQ , (not like
mirabilis ICQ2go applet) and now my client is able 
(without any applet, remember ? Only http port 80 is allowed by my
lovely firewall) to send and recieve files through HTTP protocol,
but of course it's not direct P2P ... As http doesn't allow it 

I can't release a stand alone client as it works like this : 

MIRABILIS   | MY HTTP WEB-APP  | any client who can acces a web site
SERVERS     | SERVER           |
            |                  | user connects to http://..../nomadIcq
            | server creates<------|
            | an icq client    | 
            | process          |
            | and send back    | 
            | html interface   | 
            | to user ------------>   users has now an html icq client
            | and connects to  |         and can chat, 
            | mirabilis servers|       search contacts, 
online user<---|               |         add contacts, ...
            | server updates   | 
            | html interface   | 
            | when needed      | 
            |                  | 
            |  client sends  <----
Sent to  <---- message         | 
contact     |                  | 
            |                  | 
contact     |                  | 
Send "hi"   |                  | 
Message -----> client recieves |
            |  message         |
            |  and update html-----> <html>hi</html>
            |                  |

And so on ... I could release a J2EE web app 
A .war archive ... That would run with any (?)
Application server ... But more than 1 user can connect at the time to
Server (i don't know what is max connection from same IP ... I never

Anyway, i haven't finished developping yet ... And still noticed many
When it would be finished 99.99% i could think about deploying this 
"ICQ web site" to a real web-app hosting company ...
So everybody could use it .

Hope u understood , i'm afraid i was not as clear as i wanted to be :op
Have a look to http://ioio.dyndns.org/nomad/nomad1.jpg to nomad5.jpg ...

See u 

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