[icq-devel] Hello World :))

christophe.minguet (freesurf) c.minguet at freesurf.fr
Fri Jul 11 09:20:30 CEST 2003

Hi David ... Hello Everybody !
Yup , i'm a java developper and when i started on my project was ....
Hum almost 1 yzear ago for first specifications, 
There was no java lib ... So i wrote my own implementation .. But it's a
"special" one ... Cause my client is a web application ...
I guess it handles most of protocol and now i finish P2P file transfer
... (but i wont code P2P chat for instance as my web HTML GUI don't
allow it....)
My aim was to have an icq without anny tunneling which could work
without problem what ever is the firewall / proxy between my computer at
work and internet .....

I know Fabrice Michellonet (désolé si j'ai écorché ton nom :op) also
wrote a java lib. 

http://ioio.dyndns.org/nomadIcq is available when my computer is online
... But i know there are still many bugs ...

C u all ! Have a good day !

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On Thu, 10 Jul 2003, Saulius wrote:

> i'd like to ask does anybody have something like an ICQ library for 
> JAVA or an idea where to find one.

I am developing a Java AIM/ICQ client. The ICQ-side is less important at
this stage, so it does not support any TCP (Chat, Filetransfer). The AIM
(OSCAR protocol) side is one of the most complete Open Source
implementations around.

I would love to hear if anyone on this list is a Java developer, either
on the protocol side, or on the Swing side. Currently, a small Swing
client is available which supports normal instant messaging and the
server-side buddy list. I am definitely looking for developers in either
of these two areas. Also, anyone who wishes to use it for a client
certainly can try, but beware that there may be quite a few bugs at this
stage, as I haven't even made a public release yet, but code is
available through CVS.

The URL for my project is http://daim.dev.java.net/.


David Walluck
<david at anti-microsoft.org>

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