[icq-devel] Not working?

Роман Галеев me at jamhed.pp.ru
Wed Jul 2 18:13:22 CEST 2003

Hello Igor,

Wednesday, July 2, 2003, 1:26:42 PM, you wrote:

IF> Hello Роман,

IF> Tuesday, July 1, 2003, 10:40:41 PM, you wrote:

IF>       It doesn't sniff packets under XP or may be I just needed to
IF>       reboot first. Anyway since I don't reboot for months I'd
IF>       probably never see it working.

May be you need to reboot. On my XP system everything works just fine.

IF>       I was used to engaging Snort for packet sniffing reasons.
IF>       It is a great and, at the same time versatile tool that can log
IF>       any network packets and it doesn't require any additional services.
IF>       BTW it is an open source.

AFAIK it does not parse messages of high level protocols.
There is a number of open source sniffers, Ethereal for example. Snort
is mostly IDS.

IF> PS I belive ICQ sniffer can not be uninstalled normally without manual
IF> support. So if anyone decides to uninstall it - run the command below
IF> (with the paths changed):

IF> "D:\Trash\Downloads\ICQ\Ufasoft\SocksChain\setup.exe" /u "C:\Program Files\Ufasoft\IcqSnif\setup.inf"

IF> Even after that it leaves in the registry it's driver keys, etc.

Ok, thanx a lot, we will fix it ASAP.

Best regards,
 Jamhed                            mailto:me at jamhed.pp.ru

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