[icq-devel] Old .dat files

Gerke Preussner j3rky at tactical-ops.de
Fri Jan 31 23:12:20 CET 2003


reading .dat files is quite easy. you also need the index files (.idx)
to access the data. you can find documentation and example code for the
99a database format online. ICQ didn't change this format in the newer
versions (just new data items have been added). the docs are incomplete
and partly errornous but its all you need to read and export messages. 

writing .dat files is way more complicated. since 2 years I'm working on
an ICQ database management program in my freetime. unfortunately, I
don't have much freetime... therefore I can work on it only 1 or 2 hours
a month. I managed to insert items into the database and im currently
writing code to delete items. while inserting and deleting in general is
already quite difficult to figure out, maintaining the database
semantics is way more difficult (some data types may exist only ones;
some have to be updated if you insert others etc).

be prepared to write a whole little DBMS if you wanna do more than just
reading items.


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