tcp encryption algo in java (Re: [icq-devel] java v7/v8 package)

Daniel Strecker daniel-strecker at
Thu Jan 30 03:36:38 CET 2003

Hi there,

if this algo is really not yet implemented, i could do some coding for it. 

implemented that udp packet encryption algo for icq v5 in java some years 
back and still remember how to do those nasty bitoperations in java ;-)

kind regards,

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>On Wednesday January 29, 2003 03:28 pm, Micha wrote:
> Hi,
> I've a simple question: Do you know a java-package that implements the
> v7/v8 protocol ? (Doesn't need dc or such things, only the basics like
> making a FLAP, SNAC, TLV, add a Byte, Word, DWord, and so on...)
> Thx in advance :)
> -micha
>Hi. This is my first port to this list, but I am working on such a 
>library. I 
>am currently having trouble with the TCP encryption/decryption algorithm. 
>someone wants to code up this algorithm in Java, it would help speed up 
>release of my library, which is still a while away. I need it to be stable 
>and relatively bug free before I release it to the public, but I also want 
>get a few major missing features working, the major ones are AIM 
>and ICQ TCP support.
>Aside from those couple features, the majority of the OSCAR protocol is 
>implemented, including server-side buddy lists and other features you 
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