[icq-devel] Hi again

Jens Olsson jeod02 at student.bth.se
Thu Jan 9 13:04:18 CET 2003

Hi again all,

Like mark told me, I didn't change the length and that was the problem 
before.... For some reason I don't get the mail to my account so I found 
the icq-devel archive:)

Anyway, now I got a second problem... And that is how to handle the direct 
communication between ICQ clients. For example... If I have an ICQ client 
connected to my proxy and someone checks my awaymessage it goes via the ICQ 
server....... the first time.... then it seem to connect directly between 
the clients... Would there be an easy way to catch this... map a port in my 
proxy and lead the traffic there? If so which packet tells the ICQ client 
that it should use direct communication and which port this should be done at?

Thanks in advance

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