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ggr ggr at bak.rr.com
Tue Jan 7 03:38:54 CET 2003

1/5/2003 8:11:07 PM, Remy Lebeau <gambit47 at yahoo.com> wrote:

Yes, I figured that out, now I dynamicly link to it when my app is running under 2K or better, but I still have not found something that works like that under ME or less.  I have played with the SetWindowsHookEX, but usless I want to add 
memory mapped files to it, it only works when the mouse is over my window.  Do you have any suggextions?


>Do note that GetLastInputInfo() is only available
>under Win2K and XP.  If you intend for your program to
>run under any of the other Windows platforms then
>you'll have to employ another approach.
>--- ggr <ggr at bak.rr.com> wrote:
>> Turns out that GetLastInputInfo is the way to go,
>> from it you get the number of ticks since last
>> input event (for any input in windows , keyboard,
>> mouse, form any app).
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