[icq-devel] SNAC(02,03)

Zoe Smale skyerat at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 16 05:09:46 CET 2003

Sorry for the delay in replying but I don't read this mailing list very
often anymore.

> I found that TLV(2) in SNAC(02,03) is a maximum number of allowed
> capabilities. I was using iserverd to check this. First I set this

This SNAC was discussed back in January of last year. In case you aren't
aware, there is an archive of this mailing list going back to December 2000
which can be downloaded here: http://vic20.blipp.com/pipermail/icq-devel/

Even on a slow connection it shouldn't take that long to download, and then
you can use a simple text editor to search for whatever information you
want. For some reason that seems to be too much effort for most people
reading this list which is why I don't bother posting that often anymore.

I mean somebody just asked about SNAC(1,B) which was discussed in great
detail in December of last year (actually I think it was you that posted the
information). Now that was a mere 3 months ago. Doesn't it bother you that
people here seem to have just ignored everything you wrote. Sorry for
ranting, but this really ticks me off.

> Currently icq clones use info_last_update_time value in TLV(C) to
> broadcast their versions and this is very bad because native clients
> continuously update information about clone users. I suggest use special

This was discussed before too (January 2002). Myself and Barnaby Gray argued
against it back then, but I think most people just ignored us. The web
database doesn't help by documenting it as a feature which just encourages
other clone writers to abuse it too. Although I suppose it does provide a
nice list of ICQ clones that I now know to avoid. :-)

> P.S. Zoe, (Zoe Smale) it's a pity, but I haven't your email. I just

If you emailed me before at the above address, I'm sorry if I seemed to
ignore you. I get so much junk email (20 to 30 a day) that I've setup my
client to just delete anything from people I don't know. If you're not on my
"safe" list I won't even see your email.

> SNAC(02,04) - profile, away info update
> SNAC(01,05) - service redirect
> SNAC(01,1f) - client verification request
> SNAC(01,10) - evil notification

Incidentally, these SNACs are also all supported internally in ICQ although
they may not be currently used. If I were writing a clone, though, I would
at least want to do something about handling 1,1F in case it ever became an


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