[icq-devel] Is it leagal ?

rad2k at mail.ru rad2k at mail.ru
Thu Feb 13 20:44:40 CET 2003

Knowing that a few developers got 'threatening letters/emails?' from 
Mirabilis lawyers, I would give it a second thought.

I believe whats illegal is to use their copyrighted names such as
ICQ without their legal authorization.

It should be algo considered illegal (i believe its specified in
their agreement) to reverse their protocol without their authorization
as well.

At least by now there havent been any considerable consequences.
AFAIR there has been a few threads before in this list with
discussions on these letters i mentioned before and their
legal power.


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> If it were illegal, then just about every third-party
> clone available would be illegal then.  ICQ doesn't
> have a .lib for the protocol anyway, so you have to
> use your own implementation to begin with, or a
> third-party implementation.
> Gambit
> --- Mikael Brorsson <smiley at hoj.nu> wrote:
> > Do anyone know if it is leagal to do your own
> > client and use ICQs servers ... ? Atleast if you
> > base it on your own implementation of the protocol
> > and not their lib ...
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