[icq-devel] java v7/v8 package

E Filippov joe at idisys.iae.nsk.su
Sun Feb 2 16:16:09 CET 2003

jcq2k v7

ready-to-use opensource LGPL java library

(c) me

note: i rarely read icq-devel these times, so please send private
mail if you have any questions.  please make sure that my mail
filters will not copy your mail into icq-devel mailfolder, so
that it will become invisible for me :)  ...or, use my icq

evgenii filippov

p.s. there also exists some not-yet-published addon for jcq2k
contributed by someone.   This addon adds some support for SMS,
but i need time to publish it.  it is on my hdd.

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