[icq-devel] ICQ for MicroJava?

Wolfgang Illmeyer wolfgang.illmeyer at gmx.net
Sun Feb 2 23:22:24 CET 2003

Hi list,
Java-mobile phones have been out for a while now, and there's also
"official" ICQ-Support for them (for example for my Siemens M50).
Unfortunately, my provider doesn't offer AOL's mobile client. After having a
look at the specs of the Siemens M50, I think that it would be possible to
write an ICQ-Client for the M50 without ICQ's or my provider's support. The
phone uses some special version of Java (I think it's called MicroJava or
something) and I suppose it's capable of making Internet connections on its
own. Has anybody ever heard of a M50-compatible Java Client? I would write
one myself, but unfortunately my Java-knowledge and my spare time are quite

Thanks in advance for any clue


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