[icq-devel] dumping icq

vadim winebrand amilw at bezeqint.net
Sun Sep 29 02:55:23 CEST 2002

There is a problem in dumpingicq program it can not see peer to peer
connection thus we can not hack/research peer 2 peer ICQ protocol.

We also can not see user registration protocol using dumpingicq program.

Possible solution:we need a program where all ICQ connections goes through
that program
after a long thought I decided proxy server will solve the problem all
connections of ICQ must go through proxy server.

So I wrote a program for windows which is socks 5 proxy server which
receives connections and display all sent and received packets.

The program may be used to dump other protocols such as microsoft messanger.

There is a little disadvantage of this program all ICQ banners are sent
through this proxy server  so there are connections which we are not

Because ICQ uses proxy he can not have server for receiving connections
thus all peer2peer connections our ICQ(ICQ which uses proxy) has a client
socket and other ICQ with which we have p2p connection has a server socket.

To everyone who are interested in hacking peer 2 peer connections can
download my program from next links:



http://vadimw.ds4a.com/dumpicq.exe  //Note this site is case sensitive(all
link letters is lower case)

Instructions to use:
Set server port by choosing file/start tab.

Go to ICQ preferences/connections and set the ICQ to use socks 5


Make sure that "Use proxy to resolve host names" is not checked.

I expect for feedback

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