[icq-devel] Detecting offline reason

vadim winebrand amilw at bezeqint.net
Tue Sep 24 15:14:28 CEST 2002

Yes in this case the servers sends flap channel 4 with next fields:
      TLV(09) 00 09 00 02 xx xx ERROR Reason for disconnect as an error
code. Seen 0x0001 when logging in the same user elsewhere.
      TLV(0b) xx .. DESCRIPTION Reason for disconnect as a string.

In Case  if someone else is connected with same uin error code is 1

The second field is optionl and not always present it is an url which
describes or solves the error.

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> Basic question.  Has anyone worked out how to detect why a client was
> disconnected from the server.  Such as if someone else is to connect with
> the same UIN.
> Thanks,
> Dan Ackerman
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