[icq-devel] AOL on the path of war ?!?!

Michael Medin mickem at medin.nu
Mon Sep 23 11:25:04 CEST 2002

> On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Michael Medin wrote:
> > The letter is only bitching me about the name I use (MyCQ) 
> but I think 
> > it might represent a turn in AOL:s stand in regards to "pirate" 
> > clients,
> Hmm.  They aren't Fox, Kintner, Plotkin & Kahn.  Who are they then? :}
> That said, they don't seem to be complaining about the 
> existence of your client, just the name.  Making cleanroom 
> implementations of software that is compatible with arbitrary 
> systems is still expressly permitted by law in most 
> countries, even the US.
> > Anyone who know "legal english" feel free to recomend what 
> I shopuld 
> > do about it...
> Companies must aggressively defend trademarks.  Anything that 
> is too similar will have to be pursued, otherwise they run 
> the risk of losing the trademark protection.  They aren't 
> attacking you so much as they are defending themselves 
> against the risk of another corporation making a program, 
> calling it ICQ and then pointing at you as an example of AOL 
> not defending the trademark.

Yes, as I said they seem to be interest in the name, but as I also said
this software is years and years old, and I hardly think somone is still
using it (at the time it was a lot more widly known)

Also the frasing of: "... Looking into the propriety of your
software..." makes me think that perhaps there is more to come.
As I read it they say: "As for no we complain about the name, but a full
legal investigation is at hand so be warned" but I don't realy know
about legal english, not beeing a native speaker myself.

// MickeM

> If you change the name of your client, they will probably be 
> satisfied.  
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