[icq-devel] meta (2010/870) SRV_METARANDOM

Rüdiger Kuhlmann icq-list-oWUpAQCWC2r4 at ruediger-kuhlmann.de
Sat Sep 21 04:58:03 CEST 2002


> At 10:36 AM 9/20/2002, you wrote:

> >mICQ, licq, Miranda and YSM in the wild. Can someone provide me with UINs
> >of people that actually use clients like StrICQ, &RG, vICQ?

> I don't know any myself.  My UIN, as always, is 8083608, but I haven't 
> logged in ICQ with my own client in ages and ages.  ICQ burnout, coupled 
> with school work and work work.

Okay, I have that one, but I didn't remember seeing you with StrICQ for a
long time. Actually, I don't remember seeing you at all...

Does that mean that StrICQ is dead for now? :-/ What client are you using,
then, if not StrICQ? Is there any other graphical client running on AmigaOS?

Btw, what licence is StrICQ under? I couldn't find any notice neither on
stricq.com nor in the sources on that page.

>--[Douglas McLaughlin]--<stricq at owlnet.net>

> At 09:51 AM 9/19/2002, you wrote:

> >AFAIK, Douglas didn't update his page after that anymore. My page is
> No, it hasn't been updated by me, others have, though.

Hmmm. May I kindly ask you then to make it static? I downloaded a copy of it
today and checked for stuff not in my database, and I found a few things. I
might have missed others, so you should somehow keep those pages.

> >So your proud of creating the umteenth distinct location where one would
> >want to look for protocol information? There's already too much of them.
> If the JS is still there, well.. .. yuck.

Well, if you have finally found the page, there's only the popup. But thanks
Mozilla I never got one. But the background is set to "transparent", which
turns out blue for me. Blue links on blue background. How nice.

Anyway. Adding it to my database would be much more usefull. In particular
since I have less work adding it from his page than he has adding it to
his considering that his isn't database driven. And I'm able to handle
wget and diff to figure changes easily.

Now, if only someone would add Massimo's documents' wisdoms...

Yours, Rüdiger.

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